Noisemakerz for businesses

Brands are constantly looking to partner with influencers who can help them communicate with consumers in an authentic way. Noisemakerz creates this connection, putting you in front of hundreds of top brands who are eager to tap into the power of your credibility.

Your marketing goals demand modern campaigns for today’s socially-inspired consumers — proven to increase brand affinity, buzz, engagement and sales. With noisemakerz, you can deliver it fast and continue being your client’s hero.

Locating, accessing and empowering the right social influencers and content isn’t easy. Noisemakerz solves that problem for you and your clients. Our platform reduces the heavy lifting by identifying the right social influencers,connecting them to your client’s brand or products and inspiring them to engage and grow awareness. We make earned media and social influencer campaigns your client’s best asset.

Noisemakerz accelerates successful digital marketing for today’s leading enterprises and brands. Traditional marketing techniques are diminishing in value. Converting today’s socially-driven consumer requires modern techniques that rely on authentic influence. Experience today’s art and science of digital marketing — targeting and converting modern consumers. Our end-to-end platform provides powerfully simplistic tools that give you the reach and influence over new audiences. Experience an increase in brand affinity, buzz, loyalty, sales, and hyper-active fan growth. Lets begin that ROI winning campaign.

Influencer recruitment & enrollment

  1. Influencers Vetting Our opt-in marketplace grants you instant access to thousands of registered, vetted, experienced influencers, waiting to work with you, and acceptance rates of over 80%.
  2. Off the box Looking for niche or hard to find influencers? We offer custom influencer/ambassador recruitment for even the most specific needs and take care of enrolling and onboarding.
  3. Organized Do you have existing relationships with influencers? Easily bring them into the platform and run all your influencer marketing efforts from one unified, trackable place.
  4. Hassle free Never fuss with individual payments again. We take care of everything, making sure influencers get paid quickly so you can focus on scaling your influencer marketing.

How it Works

  • Advertisers
    • Advertisers on the platform can bid for the attention of influencers by posting sponsored posts or requests based on different Decibel rates. Posts are either put out on open bid for a select number of influencers, or a refined target based on inluencer preferences
  • Decibels
    • Decibels are used in calculating the influence of a social media user. For example, if user has 1,500 followers, his decibel is measured by the standard points on the platform with ie (0.8)
  • Channels
    • Different channels would have separate decibel rates. We will be starting with twitter.
  • Metrics
    • There will be different interaction metrics available such as, like, follow, share, retweet, repost, comments and custom posts.
  • Payout and Pricing
    • The platform would earn a rent fee of 30% of the cost of every campaign. 70% is then shared amongst the influencers. Payouts to influencers will be at a minimum amount of N1,000. Influencers cost are accumulated and displayed on their dashboard, pending when they order a payout.