Noisemakerz brings brands and agencies that are interested in reaching and connecting with a large number of people in real time through social media influencers.
No. Our goal is to provide our influencers with an additional means of earning money doing what they love. We don’t own our influencers, we won’t claim to represent you, and we will never prevent you from working with other brands, influencer networks, agencies, or influencer marketing companies. You are, and will always be, in charge.
Influencer marketing is a collaboration between brands and influencers (commonly bloggers or people with engaged followings on social media). These two groups work together to deliver information about products and services in a format that consumers are willing to receive. Why is this necessary? Because people don’t choose to receive traditional advertisements; they do it because the alternative is to live a life without TV, music, magazines, newspapers, or the Internet. Influencers are the exact opposite. People choose to follow their blogs or social media accounts because their content is valuable. People listen when influencers talk and trust what they have to say. Brands have taken note of this, and they’re looking for influencers to help them spread their messages.
Once you’ve connected all of your social media accounts to your Influence profile, our software will calculate suggested rates to guide you. You can recalculate your rates monthly.
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