Make money off your social media

Who is an Influencer?

An influencer is someone who writes or creates social media contents that relates and connects with his audience/followers interests, bringing them to their social media space. Why the name? Because that content attracts loyal followers who are searching for inspiration, instruction, entertainment, or advice. Engaging followers in this way gives you the power to move them to action.

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Getting started is easy peasy

  1. Sign Up Get an invite from an already registered Noisemaker. Provide the necessary personal details. Become a Noisemaker. Easy peasy.
  2. Act You automatically get paid for the actions you perform. That easy!
  3. Get paid With noisemakerz, you can earn money by creating or reposting brand sponsored content and actions. Based on your own values and interest,you have the power to choose what actions you take and are in total control of every action you take.

How it Works

  • Advertisers
    • Advertisers on the platform can bid for the attention of influencers by posting sponsored posts or requests based on different Decibel rates. Posts are either put out on open bid for a select number of influencers, or a refined target based on influencer preferences
  • Decibels
    • Decibels are used in calculating the influence of a social media user. For example, if user has 1,500 followers, his decibel is measured by the standard points on the platform with ie (0.8)
  • Channels
    • Different channels would have separate decibel rates. We will be starting with twitter.
  • Metrics
    • There will be different interaction metrics available such as, ike, follow, share, retweet, repost, comments and custom posts.
  • Payout and Pricing
    • The platform would earn a rent fee of 30% of the cost of every campaign. 70% is then share amongst the influencers. Payouts to influencers will be at a minimum amount of N1,000. Influencers cost are accumulated and displayed on their dashboard, pending when they order a payout.